Day 205 (160 left) Law Of Attraction

Today I really thought I’ll buy a car. I already went to my insurance agent and he prepared all documents, but my Vortex did not allow it to happen. It was interesting and at the same time strange. 

First I was told from my bio-resonance company they have received feedback regarding my work and it was very positive. Then they offered me to work in more stores, I’ll start in October. This means my monthly income will grow exponent and I’ll be more time on the road, so I’ll need a great car!

And now regarding the car, I have talked to the guy selling a car at least 20 times, I received great offer for car insurance, missed two busses, forgot glasses at other insurance place, went on a wrong bus, then took taxi, went to get car insurance (great offer), had lunch and prepared to go for a car when after texting him he called me and said the car has just been sold. It was a minute shock for me and my girlfriend, but then we were talking that everything happens for a reason, and that was I’m sure the Universe wanting for me to have a better car. Thank you Universe!

Thank you Blog readers and Followers, manifest nice things and let the law of attraction do its job. Let it go!

I know I’ll get a great car with all characteristics I want.



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