Day 207 (158 left) Law Of Attraction

Overall tired, this comes out of the day if I do not listen to my body as I should. Let me do some affirmations to back up my body. ‘I am well, I have a lot of energy, I listen to my body and know what to do when it call’s me. I am relaxed, calm and well nourished. All is well, Universe loves me and I love myself.’

We had opportunity to visit spring of drinking water. It was colder and nice since there were more than 38°C in the city centre. It’s interesting how we do not abide rules which are good for other people. For instance, swimming in a forbidden zone, because there is drinkable pristine water.

I did a thing for which I am proud of, that is, I stood for myself at my current job and I did not allow my (still my) boss to perform any pressure at me. And I did a great job! Stand up for yourself, it’s worth it!

Thank you Blog readers and Followers.

Manifest nice, think nice and again manifest nice Life, You Deserve it!


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