Day 216 (149 left) Law Of Attraction

Being grateful for who and what I am.

My girlfriend was at Jyotish and I heard many interesting things. Many things were revealed and I felt contrast in terms of the Law of attraction. Expecting and reality, that are two different worlds. As it should go, first desire, then let the desire go and be patience. But when I expect, I block all letting go and receiving part. So, I’m letting everything go. And let me do some nice affirmations:

I have great life, I love my life, I feel great with where I am and with whom I am. I know I can be in peace and many nice things are coming my way every day.

I feel in peace when I meditate and today I’m home alone after very long time, well, not 100% because the cat is with me but almost.

After many years we visited the mountain place I stayed during holidays – it’s tranquil. I also had time to chill besides the lake and the river – gorgeous!

All is well.


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