Day 359 (6 left) Law Of Attraction

Since the letter exercise I feel raging anger pouring out, it’s unstoppable. It’s like, there is no option of not listening to myself because all signs are so evident. Huge changes are happening; I can feel it. 

Today I took time and went for a walk along the river. It was a sunny day and I really appreciated it. But of course, accompanied with anger. I felt I wanted to kick punching bag or screamed really loud. Well, I have not done any of that yet, and I guess I’ll have to, if my anger emotions cannot come out in any other way.

I am also super excited about tomorrow, I’m going again to hypnotist and we’ll work on money subject. Digging in subconscious mind $$$. I really am making all possible changes to change the current situation and attract more abundance and wealth into my life. I’ll write how it goes.

Since we often use computers and other phones late (after 8 p.m.), we can get stuck in a non-sleeping pattern. One tip of advice, set your laptop/computer screen on night light, so the light does not get blue, so your body will be able to produce melatonin and you’ll sleep well.

Thank you Blog reader and Follower. Be fluent and make necessary change.


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