Cryptocurrency Exchange

Hi, it’s been a while. The LOA has guided me towards Crypto. I had lot’s of time to investigate popular blockchain technology – Cryptocurrency Markets, Exchanges, Wallets, Security, Mining and News.

As far as cryptocurrency market concern there are many different Cryptocurrency Exchange sites. When buying many different best cryptocurrencies, it’s usually most helpful to create a profile on many cryptocurrency exchanges. It’s because not all crypto are on one Exchange. And of course you want to be ready when the best time to invest presents.

Here is the list of some:

When creating an account and verifying it you’ll need for some Exchanges your ID, utility bill and photo of your face, holding your ID and piece of paper with detailed information suggested by the exchange. It all depends of the Tire you desire and funds you would like to invest / withdraw / deposit.

To make system safer use two step verification process. This is a feature that has to be turned on inside of your exchange account.

When buying crypto avoid Shitcoins. Here is a list.

Here is also one useful site where you can find info about all coins, tokens and crypto market cap.

Good luck 😉



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