Day 141 (224 left) Law Of Attraction

Today was a day for inner cleaning, we had workshop for family constellation? It was interesting and had many symbol meanings. ‘Out with garbage, in with peace, love and abundance.’

Contrast: fear, truck almost crashed front part of the car – was so close…My affirmation for safe life: ‘I am safe, all is well, life loves and supports me and I love my life.’

Manifestations of the day:

  1. Synchronicity: YES, 777, 000, 777, 11111, 1111, 1122, 777, 777, 444, 888, 111, 1441, 2020, 7777
  2. Nice drive with the car to workshop
  3. Nice classmates cooperating with me during workshop
  4. Exercises of trust
  5. Drink with classmates along the river
  6. I’ve seen 2 cars of my favourite car brand
  7. I’ve seen 3 luxury cars
  8. I was called ‘an Angel’
  9. Funny dog stories of the girl I drove home

I wish you nice conscious manifestations.

Good night!


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